Fourteen Keys to Lasting Love: How to Have the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted


  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1546010068
  • ISBN-13: 978-1546010067
  • January 8, 2019
  • First edition
  • FaithWords
  • 256 pages
  • 1 MB

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۱۴ Keys to Lasting Love | کتاب الکترونیک

Kim Kimberling | FaithWords | 1 edition | January 8, 2019 | ISBN-10: 1546010068 | ISBN-13: 978-1546010067 | ASIN: B07CWQTMTM | 256 pages | 1 MB

In 14 Keys to Lasting Love (1546010068), Kim Kimberling talks directly to couples, showing you that marriage isn’t just meant to make you happy but to make you holy. Over the years, through his ministry, he’s conducted countless couples surveys. He knows what you struggle with and what areas of marriage scare you. He knows what you want and what you don’t want. By looking at 14 major areas of marriage, Kim Kimberling shows couples how to stay on the right track. Through chapters on empathy, personal health, conflict behavior, talking, intimacy, sex, and more, you’ll learn how to have the happy, connected marriage you’ve dreamed of.

“There are few voices I trust as much as Kim Kimberling when it comes to marriage, love, and relationships. For decades he’s been teaching us what it means to connect with others, to practice self-giving love in our relationships, and how to do these things through the power of the Holy Spirit. What a gift he’s now given us here in his newest book! The wisdom and insight he shares seems to drip off of every page. But these are not just heady, theoretical ideas. These are practical, tangible, do-able things that add value to our lives and the lives of those we love. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.”―Clayton King, teaching pastor at Newspring Church, author of Stronger and Overcome.

About Kim Kimberling Author of 14 Keys to Lasting Love (1546010068)

Kim Kimberling has been a professional counselor for over thirty years. He holds a PhD and a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling. He also holds Masters Degrees in Christian Ministry and Theological Studies. Kim Kimberling is President and co-founder of Awesome Marriage, which reaches thousands of people with God’s plan for marriage and relationships. Dr. Kim’s inspiration and passion for marriage began at a young age as he watched his parents live out the true meaning of having an Awesome Marriage centered around God’s incredible plan. He is open and honest about the struggles he has experienced in his own marriage and uses these personal examples to help others. He lives with Nancy, his wife of 40 years, in Oklahoma City, OK.

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